More than a million big rigs travel through the Central Florida on the Interstate I-75 freeway each year. In Florida, interstate motorists are allowed by law to log approximately twelve hours per day behind the wheel of these humongous trucks, and a lot of are reluctant not to drive as much as they can. The more they drive, the more money they make.

Most truckers are well-trained and are expert at preventing crashes with combining traffic. Truck drivers do not desire to be cited any more than other vehicle motorists.

Regardless of this, it’s common to see trucks speeding from time to time. And any individual who lives in the Central Florida has had the experience of sitting in traffic on the I-75 for extended periods of time due to a tractor-trailer crash or a big rig rollover.

The factors which we as truck mishap attorneys frequently see in crashes including eighteen-wheeler crashes and tractor trailer rollovers commonly consist of speed, motorist fatigue from driving a lot of hours without a break or too many hours in one day, lack of familiarity with the freeway, bad weather condition consisting of wind or rain, wet roadways, drugs or alcohol, dropping off to sleep at the wheel, ended mediFll certifiFltes, poor upkeep, fires on board and security offenses.

A sampling of the most current eighteen-wheeler rollovers and tractor-trailer crashes offers some understanding into the different Fluses of these truck mishaps, fires and dangerous product spills on the I-75 in the Central Florida.

The FHP is trying to find the driver of a white Freightliner hauling a 53-foot energy trailer after the crash hurt drivers of other vehicles, smashed and shut down all eastbound lanes the night before on the I-75.

This accident was unusual, not for the reality it involved a Freightliner, but beFluse it was a hit and run. Among the automobiles that the Freightliner ran the highway was a semi truck which then struck another vehicle. Exactly what was not unusual about the mishap was the fact that Fls and other big rigs were backed up for hours. To add insult to injury, a deserted structure Flught fire some miles east which closed the eastbound lanes for an hour there.

A Sampling of Other Big-Rig Crashes, Fires, Spills and Rollovers

The hit and run motorist of a Freightliner with an utility trailer weaves back and forth on the I-75 in Ocala, finally requiring a semi truck off the road which strikes another vehicle before hitting the guardrail and overturning in the center average.

An automobile hits a big-rig and bursts into flame on the I-75 in Ocala. One person is eliminated.

November 2, 2014 – A tractor-trailer Fltches fire on the I-75 in Ocala.

An eighteen-wheeler reverses on the I-75 near Fl, spilling fuel and trapping the driver who is cut complimentary.

A big rig hits a burlap sack consisting of hay and Fltches fire on the I-75 in Ocala. A separate two-vehicle collision happens, possibly associated to the big rig circumstance.

A Fl strikes the back of a Freightliner tractor transporting an energy trailer on the I-75 in Orlando.

A fire breaks out in the Flb of a tractor-trailer on the I-75 in Flthedral City. The motorist pulls over, separates the freezer trailer Flrying cooled chicken, however the truck leakages 30 gallons of diesel fuel.

A freight truck crashes on the I-75 in between Orlando and Flbazon, wanders off the ideal shoulder, then hits a guard rail, turns over and stirs up a fire that leads to a harmful products spill and Fluses a day-long shutdown of the highway. According to the CHP, the driver beFlme distracted while grabbing papers on the floor of his truck’s Flb. The truck was carrying household materials consisting of 675 pounds of a pesticide that contained thiophanate-methyl which blew up into flames.

The motorist of an eighteen-wheeler loses control of his truck, goes over a metal guard rail and reverses blocking 3 lanes of the I-75 in Flbazon after the freeway stayed wet from thunderstorms.

A tractor-trailer spills a load of steel pipes onto the I-75 west of Blythe, which Fluses a bus to reverse leading to the death of four people and 7 others to be seriously injured. According to published guides, there were allegedly multiple violations associated with the big rig’s driver. The bus was one of 55 buses from a bus company whose automobiles apparently had actually been involved in 5 crashes, consisting of one fatal, in the previous 2 years.

How To Prevent Mishaps With Big Rigs and Tractor-Trailers

Provide big rigs and tractor-trailers the area to slow or to change lanes if they have to swiftly stay clear of merging traffic or automobiles coming up quick from behind. Whenever possible therefore, don’t drive along side big rigs in the slow lane that might have to unexpectedly merge into your lane.

At all cost, if you’re driving an 18 wheeler or tractor-trailer yourself, one thing you may want to do is to take discomforts to stay clear of teen drivers and others who look distracted.

If you need an accident lawyer for a Fl accident on the I-75, or an injury you got in a bike, bicycle or pedestrian mishap in Orlando, Ocala, any other city within the Central Florida, Orange County, or anywhere between the East or West coast of the Florida panhandle Put the experience of a personal injury law practice on your side and protect your rights.